What is Your Bedroom Style?

The bedroom is, in general, your place to rest. As a place for resting, it should provide you comfort. Despite its main function as a place to sleep, people put a lot of thought when picking, or designing, or building the bedroom because each and everyone have their own idea of comfort. So what is your bedroom style?

The most important thing to figure out what is your bedroom style other than its main function as a place to rest is said place’s attribute:

  1. Do you want your bedroom style to be a place for relaxation?
    A place where you can have your body relax until it’s healthy as a horse again. A bedroom style for relaxation will need a good air circulation and decent lighting.
  2. Do you want your bedroom style to be a place for privacy?
    For a bedroom style meant for privacy, locks are a must.
  3. Do you want your bedroom style to be a place for expression?
    A bedroom style for expressing yourself will depend highly on your own preferences. A wide, spacious bedroom if you like doing exercises in the bedroom, or a room equipped with sound recorder and whatever tools you’d need to produce music if your bedroom style is that of a musician’s.


If when thinking about what is your bedroom style you follow this simple guide, the task will be easy for you! For example:
There are some people who like watching TV, be it news or movies. So for TV viewers, a television in the bedroom is a must because the activity is a comfort for them. They should use an audio visual tech that does not take up the entire room though, because ultimately, a bedroom is a place for them to sleep. Plasma TV, LCD, and LED are highly recommended. Aside from not taking up too much space, they can even be hung on the wall. A speaker or any other equipment is not recommended, because, again, a bedroom is a place for you to rest – it is not a home theatre. Especially nowadays, development of technology is making TV even slimmer and wider and generally spoiling the viewers.

There are also some people who like to simply relax. So a bedroom style meant for relaxation should have a pair of comfortable chairs. Aside from sitting or lying down to watch TV, you can use them to read something; reading on the bed might make you sleepy instead of relaxed. It’s highly recommended to make sure the bedroom style enables privacy to prevent anyone from interrupting your activity.


There’s also no problem in introducing your bedroom to some greenery, be it by equipping a large window to look out at your home garden or having a potted plant or a flower vase in your bedroom. It’s classy.

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