What is The Comfortable Room Temperature?

Base on architectural, air room temperature of 20 – 24 °C is comfortable both in summer and in winter. The surrounding surface areas should not differ by more than 2 – 3 °C from the air temperature.

A change in the air temperature can be compensated for by changing the surface temperature (e.g. with decreasing air temperature, increase the surface temperature). If there is too great a difference between the air and surface temperatures, excessive movement of air takes place. The main critical surfaces are those of the windows.

Comfort temperature in a room that is felt influenced by the floor temperature of the room. For comfort, heat conduction to the floor via the feet must be avoided (i.e. the floor temperature should be 17 °C or more).

Graphic of the relationship between room air temperature and floor temperature

The surface temperature of the ceiling depends upon the height of the room. The temperature sensed by humans is somewhere near the average between room air temperature and that of surrounding surface.

Graphic of the relationship between room air temperature and ceiling temperature


Base on Architects’ Data by Ernst and Peter Neufert

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