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What is the Area and Shape of a Comfortable Kitchen?

Where should the kitchen be located?
Kitchen should face north-east or north-west and be adjacent to any vegetable/herb garden and cellar. Ideally the kitchen should look out on the garden gate, house door, children’s play area and the patio →①. They should be well located internally with respect to the pantry, dining room and utility room.

relationship between large kitchen and other areas

Although the kitchen is primarily a workplace within the house, it is a room in which the householder may spend long periods so careful design is important. The kitchen is also often a meeting point for the family if it contains a dining or snack area →⑦.


What principles should be applied when making a kitchen?

To create a comfortable kitchen, the following principles should not be ignored.

  1. When fitting out the kitchen arrange the units in a way that follows the sequence of tasks to reduce the amount of walking required, and ensure there is sufficient room for free movement.
  2. Where possible, seek to reduce the amount of work done standing and ensure no activity requires an unfavorable body posture by matching working heights to body sizes. (see: Making an Ergonomic Kitchen Cabinets)
  3. Good lighting of the work surfaces is another essential provision.


use of kitchen areas


How to set the shape of the kitchen?
An appropriate arrangement to ease work in the kitchen would be, from right to left: storage surface, cooker, preparation area, sink, draining surface →③ – ④. (Note that left-handed people often prefer to work from left to right.) A width of 1.20 m between the sides is essential for free movement and using appliances and fittings. With a depth of 60 cm on each side this gives a minimum kitchen width of 2.40 m →⑤.

effective kitchen workplace arrangement


What is the standard kitchen area?
There is no binding provision about the area of ​​a kitchen. But in the science of architect expressed some minimal size kitchen that can be used as a guide.
The minimum area for a cooking recess is 5 – 6 m², for normal kitchens it is 8 – 10 m², and 12  – 14 m 2 for normal kitchens with dining or snack areas→④ – ⑦.

arrangement of kitchens

For planning purposes, the following width requirements for fittings and equipment may be used: cooker 60 cm, twin sinks and draining surface (including dishwasher) 150 cm, refrigerator 60 cm, freezer 60 cm, cupboards (provisions, cleaning materials, crockery and appliances) 170 cm. With a worktop surface width of 200 cm, this gives a total requirement of 700 cm of standing area.


This arrangement of the kitchen is taken from the book Architects’ Data written by Ernst and Peter Neufert, whereas this book has become the guideline for architecture college students in the world.

area and shape of a comfortable kitchen

area and shape of a comfortable kitchen

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