Upgrade the Style of Your Bathroom with Contemporary Style

The essential of a bathroom is indeed just a place where we clean ourselves. However, installing a comfortable, stylish, and modern bathroom is also important. If you want to change the style of your bathroom, using the contemporary style will make your bathroom looks clean and sleek. Not to mention, there are many contemporary styles which you can apply to your bathroom. The contemporary styles are not limited only for a spacious bathroom but also for a small bathroom.

contemporary-style bathroom

contemporary bathroom style – taken from davinci haus


Contemporary-style bathroom

The safest way to upgrade your bathroom is by following the current style. The contemporary style is inclined to be related to the modern world. By installing the contemporary style, you will have a sleek look in your bathroom with modern installations. Not to mention, you can also install the high technologies in your bathrooms such as digital showers, advanced toilet, advanced free-standing bath, and many more. However, before you get into the installment, you need to know about a few things first.


The size of the bathroom

Before you upgrade the bathroom’s style, you need to know the size of your bathroom first. The reason is that by knowing the size of your bathroom, you will be able to know what kind of installations that you want in your bathroom. For the small bathrooms, you can choose whether you want to use a bath or a shower. If you choose the bath, you can go with the letter L shape because it will save some spaces in your bathroom. On the other hand, if you choose the shower, you can build a wet room which can accommodate at least two people in there. After that, you can install the basin and the toilet. To save more spaces in your bathroom, it is best to install the wall basin and place it next to the toilet. As for the toilet, you can install the toilet across from the shower area. This way, you will be able to prevent any water to pool up in the toilet area. Then, rather than installing the cabinets, you can install the wall vanity. As for the big and spacious bathroom, you can install both the bath and the shower. Then, instead of installing wall vanity, you can install cabinets and place them next to the toilet and basin. You can also place some plants so that your bathroom will not feel so empty.

Changing the style of the bathroom is optional. It is not a thing that you must do. However, change the bathroom’s style with the contemporary style will give you a calm and comfortable feeling.

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