Under Budget Backyard

A yard is a part of the house which located outside the house. It can be located at the front as we call it front yard, and it can be located behind the house as we call it backyard. Talking about the backyard, it is currently an outdoor space which is commonly used to hang out with the family, to do gardening, or to have a party. However, because this yard is located behind the house, not many people care to re-decorate or restyle the backyard. In fact, re-decorating your backyard from time to time can boost up your mood while you are relaxing in there. If you are worried about the budget, do not be. In this article, we will give you all of the information about how to re-decorate your backyard without spending too much money.

under budget backyard

under budget backyard


The first redecorating step that you can do is by starting it with the garden area in your backyard. Instead of buying pots, you can use plastic bottles to plant your flowers, herbs, or ornamental plants. By using this plastic bottle, not only you can save your money, but you can also save the earth by not throwing the bottles away.


Mini garden
Still about the garden, if you have an unused wooden box, you can use it for the mini garden. You can plant your herbs in the wooden box and place it in the backyard near the kitchen. That way, you do not have to plant the herbs one by one and save the space and money.


A summer houses
If you happen to have a shed on your backyard and you do not need it anymore, you can transform your shed into a summer house. You can put the flowers, unused small tables, chairs, and cushions in there. That way, you will have a beautiful summer house plus a playground for your children.


The next step to re-decorate your backyard is by re-painting the fences around your backyard. If you are under the budget and cannot afford to replace the old fences with the new ones, you can re-paint them. By re-painting them, your fences will look as if they are new and fresh.


The DIY awning
Getting too hot in the summer? Do not worry! You can make your own awning and place it above your patio garden in your backyard. You can make the awning by using the unused cloth or fabric that you have. Then, you can hang them above the patio so that you can have the shade.

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