Types of Flooring

In a house there are several different room functions, such as; living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and terrace. Well, to get a comfortable home, you should be careful in choosing the material floor of each room because each type of material has a different character.

Flooring has a decisive effect on the overall impression created by rooms, the quality of accommodation and maintenance costs.

Here are some examples of floor types:

  1. Natural stones floors: Limestone, slate or sandstone slabs can be laid rough hewn, in natural state, or with some or all edges cut smooth or polished ⟶ ① – ②. The surfaces of sawn tiles, limestone (marble), sandstone and all igneous rocks can be finished in any manner desired. They can be laid in a bed of mortar or glued with adhesive to the floor sub-layer.natural stones floors type
  2. Mosaic floors: Various coloured stones: (glass, ceramics or natural stone) are laid in cement mortar or applied with adhesive ⟶ ③ – ⑧.mosaic floors type
  3. Ceramic floor tiles: Stoneware, floor, mosaic and sintered tiles are shapes of coloured clay which are sintered in the burning process, so that they absorb hardly any water. They are, therefore, resistant to frost, have some resistance to acids and high resistance to mechanical wear, though they are not always oil resistant.
  4. Parquet flooring is made from wood in the form of parquet stripes, tiles, blocks or boards ⟶ ⑨ – ⑫. The upper layer of the finished parquet elements consists of oak or other parquet wood, in three different styles. Pine or spruce are used for floor boarding. Tongue and groove planks are made from Scandinavian pine/spruce, American red pine, pitch pine.parquet floors type
  5. Wood block paving (end grained wood) is rectangular or round, and laid on concrete ⟶⑬ – ⑭.wooden floor blocks type

By knowing several types of floors above, you will more easily determine what kind of floor you will use for each room in your home. For example; the natural stones floors, you use for the porch floor and the type of parquet flooring you use for the floor of your bedroom.

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