cheap hot water installation system

Trick to Make a Cheap Hot Water Installation System

Everyone almost can be said to like to shower with hot water (warm). So many products offered, ranging from solar water heater, electric and gas water heater and there are also using tricks to use heat from the air compressor and so forth. It all depends on the ability of consumers to choose. But not all bathrooms or faucets in a house that can ration this hot water. The reason of course is not cheap of installation cost of this hot water. So…, how to make a cheap hot water installation?


In a house with hot water facilities must provide a special installation (special pipe) that runs the hot water before it is mixed with cold water for comfortable use for bathing. Certainly it can be estimated that a huge cost is required if the entire bathrooms or faucets is changed. Moreover the price of faucet or shower that there is hot water lever and cold water lever is much more expensive than single water tap.


The trick to make the whole bathroom or faucets at home can be fed hot water with relatively cheap cost following is by making hot water installation become more efficient.

cheap hot water installation system

cheap hot water installation system

In the picture above it appears that before the water reaches the faucet in the house, the water has been mixed. The mixing of the water is located at the stop valve, where hot and cold water to be streamed is arranged in such a way that the water temperature becomes comfortable to use.To keep the mixed water temperature constantly use the usual pipe used for hot water installation.


And finally all the shower and faucets in the house get hot water supply without having to make expensive hot water and wall water installation, without having to buy faucet or shower for cold and hot water, just wear single shower. It’s a cheap, isn’t it?

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