Tips in Building a Backyard Swimming Pool

Creating a backyard swimming pool is not that hard. You just need a sufficient amount of money and space in the backyard to execute the design of your in-ground pool. There are several things to consider before building a simple in-ground pool.

Backyard Swimming Pool

Backyard Swimming Pool – Taken from Davinci Haus

The function of the pool

The first thing to decide before making a pool is to choose the function of the pool. The function can be varied from entertainment, decorating the house, or for exercise. A standard all-rounder pool is 8×4 in size while for the standard for a lap pool is 16 m. A smaller than standard room will reduce the functionality of it. But keep in mind that any children would love playing in any kind of pool. If you are not using the pool that often, then you can opt for a smaller one.


The shape of the pool

Deciding the form or shape of the pool is the most fun part when creating one. There are three common materials to build a pool and they are vinyl, fiberglass, and cement. Cement is the most versatile and expensive material because it can be shaped into any design but the installation time can be very time wasting. Vinyl is lightweight, strong but limited in terms of shape. It has quicker installation time than using cement.  Fiberglass has a fixed shape so you can’t experiment with the design. But, this material has the quickest installation time that can be done under a week.


The proportion of the pool

When creating a pool, no matter the size of the pool, you should make the size look in line with the general size of the house. The size of the pool is not that varied but the space around the pool is the thing you should consider. If you decide to have a relaxing space or spa room around the pool, make sure that you won’t go overboard and make the size of the pool look inappropriate with the house.


The safeness of the pool

The safety of your pool should be your next priority because you don’t want any family member that use the pool to have an injury because of slipping on the pool area. Also, you should make a pool that has zero drowning chance, in case that if any of your family members have no ability to swim. But, if you feel that anyone that will use your pool is able to swim, then you can design your pool to have a deeper depth. Just make sure that you also have a shallower area around your backyard swimming pool.

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