The Standard Size of a Kitchen Cabinets

The discussion about the standard size of the kitchen cabinets that will be described in this paper are the standard measures in making kitchen cabinets and kitchen hanging cupboard’s level determination. The standard size is calculated based on the proportion of normal human body size. In this paper it is also presented some elements that need to be taken into account in making the kitchen set to be comfortable when used.

There may be among readers who see or never feel less comfortable when using a kitchen cabinets. Like a table (top table) of a bottom cabinets that are too low and forced us to bow while mixing food on it, or the location of a closet shelf that is too high so it is difficult to take something from it and others. That’s because the kitchen cabinets is made with a size that does not fit the standards of the human body.


standard size of a kitchen cabinet

The standard size of a kitchen cabinet

In this picture it is seen that the standard size for the height of the top table of a bottom cabinet (low cabinet) is 90 cm from the floor. Or, if you are the kitchen owner, make sure that the top table is 10 – 15 cm below your elbow when bent.

The bottom cabinet can be built with a depth size between 55 – 60 cm by providing a space behind it of approximately 5 cm, in which it can be used for the placement of water or electricity installation. Then, the bottom of the front of the cupboard is slightly inserted into approximately 5 cm, as high as 10 cm. This is done while aiming for the little possibility of your toes coming in contact with the closet when standing in front of it.

The placement of a hanging cabinet (upper cabinet) may start at an altitude of 135 cm from the floor and attach the lamp to the underside of the closet for lighting while you work.
The standard size for the height of the cooker hood (air suction machine) must not exceed 175 cm from the floor, so that the cooker hood works properly. In accordance with the instructions of installing a cooker hood that suggests the distance between the stove and cooker hood should be 75 – 85 cm.

The top shelf position on the closet should be no more than 200 cm from the floor so you can easily reach it. The standard size for the thickness or depth of the closet is between 30-35 cm. It should not be made more than that size because it will hinder your view to the back splash countertop area of your kitchen cabinets. And to make your cooking activities more comfortable again, of course it will be a good idea for you to also know how to make a kitchen comfortable and know the material to make the best kitchen cabinets.

Thus, we close the discussion about the standard size and height of kitchen cabinets. May this be useful.

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