The Standard Bedroom Size

In the discipline of architecture, the standard size of each room is adjusted according to the allotment of room and space needed for the occupants inside as well the area for furniture that will be placed in the room.
How wide is the area of a standard bedroom size?
What differentiates the area size of a bedroom in a house is commonly based on its allotment, which are the master bedroom and the kids’ bedroom.


Theoretically, according to architecture, the standard bedroom size is:

  • The master bedroom, an area of 11,15 m2 with the shortest side 2,845 m.*
  • The kids’ bedroom’s size, at the minimum, 7,43 m2 with the shortest side 2,348 m.*
    *) ERNST NEUFERT, Architect Data

The size above is the net size (wall to wall). This standard size is based on the basic needs of the room to sleep by taking into account the need for space to tidy up the bed.

An example of a standard bedroom size:

master bedroom size

standard master bedroom size


standard kids' bedroom size

kids’ bedroom size

Based on that data we can draw numbers close to the size of a wall, as in the sketch of this picture;

  • The master bedroom is 3,25 x 4 = 13 m2 (net area = 12,074 m2).
  • The kids’ bedroom is 2,75 x 3 = 8,25 m2 (net area = 7,519 m2).

However, it is better to determine the width of the bedroom by considering the size of furniture that you will put into the room, because for bedroom items alone now it is available in a variety of sizes including 100 cm, 120 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm and 200 cm for the width while for the average length it is 200 cm.

And do not forget to clean the bed, it takes the room’s side at least 40 cm or as wide as the bedside table beside your bed.


What about the kids’ bedroom?
The choice of placing the bed close to one of the walls of the room is a wise choice as it will reduce the chances of the child falling out of bed.
Besides, this time the bedroom is not just a room for sleeping alone. Many people do other activities in the bedroom such as reading books, watching TV, chatting with his family and others.
Well, of course the additional functionality requires additional space from the size of the standard area in order to achieve a comfortable atmosphere and relief in your bedroom. And there is another request that asks for the bathroom to be a part of the bedroom.


An Example of the Standard Bedroom Size

Here are some standard bedroom sizes based on the allotment of the bedroom and the size of the bed.

master bedroom

This master bedroom has quite a lot of wardrobe and thus is able to store a lot of clothes and various other things.


The kids’ bedroom

The kids’ bedroom above has a net area of 8,64 m2. The furniture inside the bedroom is only a wardrobe that was placed on the wall that was directly facing the window.


kids' bedroom

In the kids’ bedroom with the elongated pattern above, the bed’s position leaves a space of 40 cm for space one would need when cleaning the bed and the space also gives access to open the window’s cover.


bedroom for twins

bedroom for twins

There are times when we need a bedroom that is going to be used by two people (such as twins), whom we usually do not want to separate, nor do we want to separate the room. Using a double bed and an adequate wardrobe, it is definitely needed by twin or siblings of a similar kind but not much different from their age range.

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