The Position of the bed in the Bedroom

Planning a bedroom is not as simple as picking a bed, a wardrobe and a night lamp, your bed position must also be taken into account. Try not to think over-the-top or odd bed positions, because you have to prioritize your comfort when you sleep, because the position of the bed within a bedroom can have a significant effect on a person’s feelings of well-being.


What’s the right position for your bed in bedroom?
These are 8 types of bed positions in the bedroom.

bed position - 1

The bed positions in the bedroom above ⟶①② are classic bed positions you would see in nearly every house.
Bed positions against the side wall and with the head to wall are particularly good for someone with an anxious disposition. However, unlike as shown in the pictures, people with anxiety disorders prefer not to sleep on his or her back due to certain anatomic factors; if they lay flat on their back, then due to gravity, the tongue falls back and it might obstructs breathing when they go into deep sleep.


bed position - 2

Whereas bed positions in the bedroom above ⟶③④, away from the wall or in the center of the room are good for a self-assured person. Confident persons are happy to sleep anywhere in the room.


bed position - 3

bed position - 4


So, these are 8 types of bed positions in the bedroom.

If there is more than one bed in the bedroom, their position with each other is important.

The bed positions in the bedroom depend on how many people will sleep in the bedroom and what their relationships are. As shown in the pictures below:

arrangements bed in the bedroom

Different arrangements of beds

Different arrangements of beds may desirable if brother, sister, friends or guests sleep in one room.


In addition to room decoration and furnishing, a restful atmosphere also depends on the orientation of the bed position (the best position for the head is towards north), with respect to the bedroom lighting (looking away from window) and the door (looking towards door).

Remember to keep in mind that your comfort during sleeping is your top priority!


This the position of the bed in the bedroom is taken from the book Architects’ Data written by Ernst and Peter Neufert, whereas this book has become the guideline for architecture college students in the world.

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