The Correct Way to Make the Perfect Bedroom for Book Lovers

Hello, book lovers! I’m guessing your version of heaven is the Beast giving Belle full access to his majestic library. If you are anything like my bibliophile of a daughter, you wish your bedroom to be something like this:bedroom for book lovers

Or basically, a bedroom with floor to ceiling bookshelves. Hold your horses though! Filling up so many spaces for books may not be something you would actually like for your bedroom in the long run. Today, I shall tell you the correct way to make the perfect bedroom for book lovers.

As I have explained in a previous article I titled Make Bedroom Space and Size Comfortable, your first priority in your bedroom is, naturally, your bed itself. Not your bookshelves.

You need to keep in mind that your bedroom is a place where you will spend a majority of your time relaxing – sleeping, waking up, thus changing clothes will be done in the bedroom too for the majority of people. So remember to leave some space for a wardrobe and desk or dressing table.

Of course there are exceptions, but bedrooms are commonly composed of four walls – walls where you’ll have to make space for your door and window(s). The standard size of a bed ranges from 900 x 1900 mm to 2000 x 2000 mm, which will most likely take up a quarter of your bedroom space. About 1 meter of space should be left for you to maneuver in front of your wardrobe and dressing table or bedside cabinet. With all these things, you would most likely only have one wall you can dedicate for your books.

Books stimulate you – induces a feeling of excitement or anticipation for book lovers. Having so many books packed like a library inside your room might make it harder for you to sleep. So I recommend to stick with a one-wall floor to ceiling bookshelves at most, instead of your entire walls. I also suggest that the shelves aren’t exclusively for books. You can use several of the shelves for some trophies and knick knacks, or even place the lamp on a shelf if you want to forgo a bedside cabinet for it.

Now that you understand that emulating a library for a bedroom is not really the best choice for a place to sleep, here is the correct way to arrange all of these essential things in your bedroom: in whatever position you’ll decide your bed will be (read more in: The Position of the Bed in the Bedroom), make sure that it will not directly face the bookshelves.

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