The Best Height from Floor to Ceiling

What is the standard ceiling height?
Specifically, in architecture, there is no set or fixed number for the height from floor to ceiling for the bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc. Though, to gain the best efficiency in a building, architecture recommends that the net/clear height of 2.75 m from floor to ceiling is suitable.

The structural members of the building have a strong influence on the possible ways in which an office area can be divided. A clear floor-to-ceiling height of 2.75 m permits the later installation of raised floors or suspended ceilings. Ceilings can be 25 cm lower if most activities are carried out while seated, but the clear height should not be less than 2.50 m. Corridors and toilets can be 2.30 m high, but must have space for ducts and pipes.”

On the other hand, when calculating a building, architecture also suggests that to figure the best height from floor to ceiling of the rooms, you must know that there is a difference of height from floor to ceiling, depending on the room’s condition.

“The gross volume of space needed and the total construction cost mean that fully air conditioned buildings are 1.3 – 1.5 times more expensive than non air conditioned buildings, i.e. those which are naturally ventilated.”

floor to ceiling height - depending on services equipment

A ceiling height of 3.0 – 3.10 m is suitable for buildings with little service equipment, no suspended ceilings and heating pipes on an exterior wall. Electric power should be supplied through ducts in window sills or floors, and the power supply for ceiling lights through conduits or partitions. Corridor areas should also be used for ducts and pipes.

A ceiling height of 3.4 m is suitable for a building with some service equipment, but without ventilation equipment. Ducts under the floor in corridor areas (h = 32 cm) should be used for heat, electricity and water.

 A ceiling height of 3.70 m is suitable for office buildings using ventilation equipment. A duct height of at least 50 cm is needed for air-conditioned offices, with long ducts in the corridor area.

Open-plan offices need a clear ceiling height of only 3.00 m. However, the ceiling height should be 4.20 m if ventilation ducts are to be installed. All height-related building components affect the cost of the building in relation to its usable office floor area.

Base on Architects’ Data by Ernst and Peter Neufert

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