air conditioner - Samsung type Wind-Free

The Best Air Conditioner to Buy in 2018: Wind-Free™

When you want to keep a room cool, you will need to pump hot air from the inside of your house to the outside – either through a window or a wall (which means instead of using a pre-existing hole in your wall, you have to cut one). Unlike heating a room, which can be done with a space heater that you just plug into an outlet, air conditioning requires a lot more parts and can get expensive. And yet, most air conditioners make you feel uncomfortable. Despite buying it to make the room cool and cold, the chilly blasts of air are often too hard or too slow or even too loud because of the unit’s fan making creaking sounds. So what’s the best air conditioner to buy in 2018?

With the first modern electrical air conditioning unit invented in 1902, you have way too many options when you want to buy the best air conditioner. After considering every little thing that makes an existing air conditioner rather disappointing for the owner, we can conclude that the best air conditioner to buy in 2018 is the quiet and affordable ones. And I highly recommend Wind-Free™.

air conditioner - Samsung type Wind-Free

air conditioner – Samsung type Wind-Free

Goodbye chilly blasts of air, Wind-Free™ technology works so well you might not even notice it. Once the desired temperature is reached, the system disperses fresh air uniformly without the unpleasant blast of cold wind. Samsung’s Wind-Free™ air conditioner system uses 21,000 micro-holes to gently spread air evenly throughout the room. It’s the best air conditioner to buy in 2018 because it can constantly maintain a comfortable level of coolness without any draft.

Another reason why it’s the best air conditioner to buy in 2018 is Samsung’s Wind-Free™ air conditioner system keeps your room cool without changing settings. Wind-Free™ air conditioner has a 2-Step Cooling mode that changes automatically. The desired temperature is reached quickly in Fast Cool mode, then maintained in Wind-Free Cooling mode.


Wind-Free™ air conditioner also has a Good Sleep mode which creates the ideal air conditioner in your bedroom. This means you can sleep well knowing you won’t feel cold during the night or wake in the morning with a chill. You can enjoy a good night’s sleep with the best air conditioner to start off 2018: Wind-Free™!


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