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Recommendation for the Best Bedroom Shape

Based on existing literature regarding the bedroom, the place does not just come in various sizes, but also numerous shapes. The bedroom can come in shapes such as a square, rectangle, or similar to the letter L. Just like bedroom size, there is a standard bedroom shape depending on the areas you live in. In this article, I will give…

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Guideline for the Size of Windows

In planning the size of windows, the optimum daylight level relative to the purpose of the room must be the deciding factor. For instance, building regulations require a minimum window area of 1/8 of the floor surface area for living rooms (see table). Large windows make living rooms more comfortable. The window width in secondary rooms can be chosen according…

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How Windows Can be Great Heat Transfer Sources in Homes

Unlike your mortgage or insurance payment, your electricity bills can be higher or lower from one month to the next. So how can you lower your home’s bills? Well, one of the most common reasons why your electricity bills and fuel costs can be so high is because of the home’s improper insulation and the heat transfer that occurs because…

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The Position of Windows, Doors, and Furnishing in the Room

The positioning of windows, doors, and furnishings can give a room different spatial appearances. →① The position of the door, windows and furniture make the room will feel long and narrow. →② The position of the windows, doors and furniture make it seem shorter with the bed across the room, or the table under the window. →③ with windows opposite…

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