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The Importance of Thermal Insulation for a House

How important is thermal insulation for a house? For those who live in places with hot climate, generally they would love to be able to cool down their house temperature and the same goes to those who live in cold climate who’d like to be able to heat up the house temperature.   To control or regulate their house temperature…

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Types of Construction for Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation should minimize heat loss (or gain) allowing energy savings to be made, provide a comfortable environment for occupants, and protect a building from damage that might be caused by sharp temperature fluctuations (in particular, condensation). Heat exchange – by thermal convection, conduction, radiation and water vapour diffusion – cannot be prevented, but its rate can be reduced by…

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A House’s Function for Human’s Need of Air

A house is essentially a shelter. And any shelters – house, some type of roof above the head, etc. – have one function for human, as a protection for human against the world. The world, the outside, is harsh, and human needs a house to protect them against the weather. A house’s function for human is to provide an environment…

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5 Ways to Breathe Better at Home

For security and comfort reasons, we need a house. We know a house must have at least 3 things: a roof, a door, and walls. Even if you fulfilled all three criteria, it’s not a very ideal home because it’s not comfortable for you to breathe in. So here are 5 ways to breathe better at home. 1. Outside Air…

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heat losses and temperature differences as a function of position on the terrain

How to Use Solar Energy for the House (Area)

Solar energy is available free of charge to every building. Unfortunately, in many climatic areas, solar radiation is very low, so other forms of energy must be used for room heating, hot water, lighting and for the operation of electrical appliances. Fortunately for those who live in areas full of solar radiation, they can utilize solar energy to meet the…

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How Windows Can be Great Heat Transfer Sources in Homes

Unlike your mortgage or insurance payment, your electricity bills can be higher or lower from one month to the next. So how can you lower your home’s bills? Well, one of the most common reasons why your electricity bills and fuel costs can be so high is because of the home’s improper insulation and the heat transfer that occurs because…

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What is The Comfortable Room Temperature?

Base on architectural, air room temperature of 20 – 24 °C is comfortable both in summer and in winter. The surrounding surface areas should not differ by more than 2 – 3 °C from the air temperature. A change in the air temperature can be compensated for by changing the surface temperature (e.g. with decreasing air temperature, increase the surface…

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The Comfortable Room Climate

In the same way as the Earth has a climate, the insides of the building also have a climate. A room’s climate consisted of measurable values for air pressure, humidity, temperature, velocity of air circulation and ‘internal sunshine’ in the form of radiated heat. To create a comfortable room climate, the factors above must be held with efficient control. Once…

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