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The Minimum Standard Ceiling Height for Homes

Before we start discussing about the minimum standard ceiling height for homes, it’s good to know firsthand the main function of a ceiling. In a previous post, we’ve discussed that the use of ceiling is to cover the top structure of a room, be it the first/ground floor or the upper floor rooms. Ceiling is also used as an interior…

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Guideline for Bedroom Size

Your first priority in getting a new place to settle in is your bedroom, and naturally your bed itself. How space and size should your bedroom be? You have to be absolutely sure when you figure out the answer to this question because you’re going to sleep in your bedroom every day for a very long time. Make sure to…

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What are Dimensions and Sizes of the Bathroom?

What are dimensions and sizes of the bathroom? In the science of architecture, dimensions and sizes of the bathroom is not binding because in a house there are several bathrooms that cater to serve different users. In addition, the location or position of the bathroom often also make it must adjust to the circumstances in which it is located. In…

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The Standard Size of a Kitchen Cabinets

The discussion about the standard size of the kitchen cabinets that will be described in this paper are the standard measures in making kitchen cabinets and kitchen hanging cupboard’s level determination. The standard size is calculated based on the proportion of normal human body size. In this paper it is also presented some elements that need to be taken into…

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