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Towel radiator - heating, drying, and beautify

Towel Radiator for a Bathroom

Does the radiator need to be installed in the bathroom? The answer is necessary! As is known that the bathroom is the coldest room among the spaces in your home. You can imagine how much cooler the bathroom in winter. It could be that condition can undo your intention to bathe. 🙂 For that, should the bathroom installed a radiator…

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What is a radiator, convector, electric heater, and heat exchanger?

Heating is pretty straightforward to understand. Radiator obviously has something to do with radiation, a type of heat transfer. But then you are confronted with terms such as valve, convector, electric heating, pumps, pipes, etc. They can be quite confusing, even many who can tell what all these terms mean find it hard to understand when they start building or…

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