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heat losses and temperature differences as a function of position on the terrain

How to Use Solar Energy for the House (Area)

Solar energy is available free of charge to every building. Unfortunately, in many climatic areas, solar radiation is very low, so other forms of energy must be used for room heating, hot water, lighting and for the operation of electrical appliances. Fortunately for those who live in areas full of solar radiation, they can utilize solar energy to meet the…

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comfortable kitchen

What is the Area and Shape of a Comfortable Kitchen?

Where should the kitchen be located? Kitchen should face north-east or north-west and be adjacent to any vegetable/herb garden and cellar. Ideally the kitchen should look out on the garden gate, house door, children’s play area and the patio →①. They should be well located internally with respect to the pantry, dining room and utility room. Although the kitchen is…

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The Position of Windows, Doors, and Furnishing in the Room

The positioning of windows, doors, and furnishings can give a room different spatial appearances. →① The position of the door, windows and furniture make the room will feel long and narrow. →② The position of the windows, doors and furniture make it seem shorter with the bed across the room, or the table under the window. →③ with windows opposite…

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