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Quartz surface for countertop kitchen - Zodiaq by Dupont

Materials for Kitchen Countertop

Countertop or counter is the most commonly used part of the kitchen, most British people call it by the term worktop (also work surface). Countertop is a kitchen cabinet surface commonly used to prepare food. Typically, kitchen sinks and stoves are also paired on this countertop (unless you are using a freestanding stove). Now, what kind of materials to be…

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Tile for an Eye Catching Backsplash

Did you know about backsplash? Backsplash is a back wall between the countertops and wall cabinets. A kitchen can look finished without backsplash. But at the same time, there’s also an opportunity to use the space to anchor the overall design of the room. You can explore your creativity to create an eye catching backsplash!   Another important thing to…

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How To Install the Granite Tiles?

How to install the granite tiles? Granite tiles are wonderful when installed correctly. Not at all like ceramic tiles, granite tiles are expensive and more durable; regardless, if not installed correctly, they can become damaged if you attempt to remove them for resetting.   To install the granite tiles is not that hard, you can just follow this 10 easy-to-follow…

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