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Fire-resistant Glass

Fire resistance can be built up in two ways. One is a laminated combination of Georgian wired glass and float glass (or safety or security glass) with a PVB inter-layer. The other way is to incorporate a transparent intumescent layer between the pre-stressed borsilicate glass sheets which, when heated, swells to form an opaque, fire-resistant barrier. Fire resistance of up…

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Laminated Glass

During the manufacture of laminated glass, two or more panes of float glass are firmly bonded together with one or more highly elastic polyvinylbutyral (PVB) films. Alternatively, resin can be poured between two sheets of glass which are separated by spacers, and the resin is then cured. This process is called cast-in-place (CIP). The normal transparency of the glass may…

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Toughened (Tempered) Glass

Toughened (tempered) safety glass is a pre-stressed glass. Pre-stressing is achieved by thermal treatment. The production method consists of rapid heating followed by rapid cooling with a blast of cold air. In comparison to float glass, which produces sharp, dagger-like glass splinters when broken, this glass breaks into small, mostly round-edged glass crumbs. The danger of injury is thus greatly…

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