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Tips to Refresh Bedroom Designs

The bedroom is an important room that should be available in every house. In certain circumstances, the owner of the house might feel bored with their bedroom. In order to relieve that boredom, you can try to refresh bedroom designs. Maintain the simplicity of your bedroom Almost everyone regardless of the gender and age likes a simple bedroom design and…

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The Position of Windows, Doors, and Furnishing in the Room

The positioning of windows, doors, and furnishings can give a room different spatial appearances. →① The position of the door, windows and furniture make the room will feel long and narrow. →② The position of the windows, doors and furniture make it seem shorter with the bed across the room, or the table under the window. →③ with windows opposite…

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An example of a bamboo sofa for relaxing space

Bamboo Sofa Design for Relaxing Space

When you want to relax, an expensive cushioned couch or wooden furniture may not be the best option, especially when you want to do it outdoors. The climatic conditions outside are different from the indoor and when furniture is exposed directly to them, it gets damaged sooner than expected. Therefore, nothing could be as good as bamboo furniture for the…

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