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What is Flat Roof?

What is flat roof? A flat roof is a roof which is almost level in contrast to the many types of sloped roofs. The slope of a roof, which is properly known as its pitch, are only up to approximately 10° for flat roofs. A flat roof gives the house a rather ancient look if done right, because it’s form was…

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FLAT ROOF: Cold Roof Construction

Roof terrace surface are loose laid in a bed of single or on block supports. Advantage: water level is below surface; no severe freezing. Roof garden has surface drainage through drainage layers, ballasting of shingle or similar, with a filter layer on top. Roofs over swimming pools, etc. Are suspended ceilings with ventilates or heated void; see Table ③ in…

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FLAT ROOF: Warm Roof Construction

Outlet ⟶① – ④ always thermally insulated, two draining levels, with connection also at the vapour barrier, to form an outlet then sealed against the pipe. For thermally insulated discharge pipe with condensation layer ⟶④ for prevention of damage due to condensation.   The surface slope to the intakes should exceed 3%. A ‘ventilator’ for the expansion layer is not…

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