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The Engineered Wood Flooring Installation Process

The elimination of conventional onsite multiple sanding, oiling and lacquering processes lead to higher productivity on site as compared to conventional solid timber flooring. Since engineered wood flooring is a pre-finished product, it is advisable to install it after all the wet trades are completed including painting and door frame installation.   The following is how the engineered wood flooring…

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How to Lay the Engineered Wood on Floor?

Where to lay the engineered wood on floor? Engineered wood flooring can be laid directly onto the sub-floor or an underlay based on the following systems: Direct Lay to Sub-floor With Underlay and Fixed With Underlay and Floating   Direct Lay to Sub-floor For direct laying of engineered wood, the flooring strips are glued to the sub-floor using compatible adhesive.…

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structure of engineered wood plank

Engineered Wood Flooring

High property costs, high end-user expectations for quality finishing, in the midst of a tight construction labour market have motivated the search for more productive, ecologically well disposed and sustainable building products. Timber flooring is a common and popular choice with end users because of its assortment of styles and examples and patterns as well as exuding a warm homely…

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