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The Importance of Thermal Insulation for a House

How important is thermal insulation for a house? For those who live in places with hot climate, generally they would love to be able to cool down their house temperature and the same goes to those who live in cold climate who’d like to be able to heat up the house temperature.   To control or regulate their house temperature…

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direct and indirect use of solar energy

Passive Use of Solar Energy

In the use of solar energy, a distinction is drawn between the active and passive use of solar energy. The active use of solar energy necessitates the application of equipment such as solar collectors, pipework, collector vessels circulation pumps for the transfer of the solar energy. This system entails large investment and maintenance costs which must be recovered solely by…

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heat losses and temperature differences as a function of position on the terrain

How to Use Solar Energy for the House (Area)

Solar energy is available free of charge to every building. Unfortunately, in many climatic areas, solar radiation is very low, so other forms of energy must be used for room heating, hot water, lighting and for the operation of electrical appliances. Fortunately for those who live in areas full of solar radiation, they can utilize solar energy to meet the…

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To Build Energy-Saving Houses Starting from the Walls

Energy-saving issues is no longer something that is rarely thought of, this issue is now a global concern. A source stated that out of the entirety of one hundred percent of energy produced in the world, 60% of them is used for our housings. Starting from regular homes, where that house needs energy to heat the room when the weather…

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Building an Energy Efficient Home

Here is an example of home design where the concept of this house is designed to be efficient in using energy. This house was built by DAVINCI HAUS which is a leading developer company in Germany.   DAVINCI HAUS ensures that the house is efficient in energy use because of its highly efficient insulation walls, roof structures made with PASSIVHAUS…

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energy-saving house with interlocking bricks

How to Build an Energy-saving House

Why should you build an energy-saving house? The point of building an energy-saving house is to minimalize the cost you will deal with when making and what your house will impose on you. Generally and routinely that cost is your electricity, water and gas bills. Meanwhile, the cost to repair and take care of a house is more temporary.  …

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Making Energy-saving Walls for House

Architecture science has taught how to make a comfortable home to live in. All aspects related to the house or building is carefully discussed. Starting from determining the direction and position of the house that is laid based on the condition of the situation where the house will be built, the materials will be used to build a house that…

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