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Bedroom, The Essential Room in Your House

Do you know that people spend one-third of their life by sleeping? The fact that sleeping is important for our body never changes. In order to have a good sleep, one must learn how to arrange and how to decorate their bedroom. Having a beautiful and elegant bedroom is necessary for your house.   Arranging your bedroom Some houses usually…

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Ideas for Small Living Room

Nowadays, it is hard to build a spacious house. Because of the limitation of the area, many house developers decide to minimize the size of the house. Thus, many small houses do not have a living room, let alone the dining room. They will instead combine the living room as the dining room and the guests’ room. However, there is…

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All You Need to Know About Attic

Do you have any idea what an attic is? An attic is a room or space just below the pitched roof of a house, often used for storing things. While some attics are converted into bedrooms or home offices complete with windows and staircases. In the science of architecture found many examples of the design of the architects who take advantage of…

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Example of Home Design on a Narrow Area

This is an example of a house built on a fairly long land but an area that can be built rather narrow. This house was designed by DAVINCI HAUS, which later became its show unit located in Bad Vilbel.   Houses on this rather narrow land are built by combining of traditional post + beam timber construction with modern architecture…

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energy-saving house with interlocking bricks

How to Build an Energy-saving House

Why should you build an energy-saving house? The point of building an energy-saving house is to minimalize the cost you will deal with when making and what your house will impose on you. Generally and routinely that cost is your electricity, water and gas bills. Meanwhile, the cost to repair and take care of a house is more temporary.  …

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Design Examples of Timber House Construction

The oldest form of timber housing consisted of prepared logs or blocks placed one upon the other and structurally connected by rebated corner joints. Today, the most common form is timber framed housing (also balloon framed or half timbered construction). Vertical loads are transmitted to the ground through structural posts giving an economic form of construction that fulfills all the…

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gate AD 1500

The Changing Periods of Houses in Centuries

In the time between the beginning of the 16th century (the period of witch-hunts, superstition, leaded lights and fort like houses, a form which is still occasionally in demand) and the present day, astonishing advances have been made in science, technology and industry. As a result the outlook of society has changed radically. In the intervening centuries it is clearly…

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The Methods of Designing House

The work begins with the drawing-up of a detailed brief, with the help of an experienced architect and guided by the questionnaire shown on the following pages. Before planning starts, the following must be known: Site: location, size, site and access levels, location of services, building and planning regulations and conditions. This information should be sought from the local authority,…

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typical design - town houses

Examples House of Typical Designs

This below are examples house of typical designs based on architectural: Semi-detached housing Linked housing Houses with courtyard gardens Terraced houses Town houses Semi-detached housingFrequently employed by developers and based on the use of identical designs. Also used on single-plot projects but rarely are the two halves individually designed. Garages or car ports are often included on the side boundaries.…

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