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Corian Smooth Sink 850 paired with backsplash and countertop

Best Surface Material For the Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where we want to cook. Aside from wanting it to look good and comfortable to be used, hygiene is absolute priority in the place where we make our food. To make a nice, clean kitchen, an excellent material must be used to make it, and said material must be hygienic. Now, Corian® Solid Surface is…

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Quartz surface for countertop kitchen - Zodiaq by Dupont

Materials for Kitchen Countertop

Countertop or counter is the most commonly used part of the kitchen, most British people call it by the term worktop (also work surface). Countertop is a kitchen cabinet surface commonly used to prepare food. Typically, kitchen sinks and stoves are also paired on this countertop (unless you are using a freestanding stove). Now, what kind of materials to be…

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Engineered quartz stone - kitchen countertop

Quartz is Engineered Stone for Kitchen Countertop

Countertop is the surface of kitchen set that is used to prepare food. Typically, sinks and stoves are also mounted on this countertop. So it should be the material to be used for the countertop is good quality materials, strong, and durable. Currently, engineered quartz stone is the best material for your kitchen countertop. In the past, natural stones, especially…

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kitchen - countertop in corian solid surface - elegant gray

How to Repair Solid Surface Countertop?

Currently, many solid surface for countertop (worktop) is outstanding, various brands and advantages offered. But on the basis of experience, to realize a luxurious, exclusive, robust and hygienic kitchen set, I recommend the Corian® solid surface brand of DuPont ™. Corian ® is inherently “renewable” because it is solid and homogeneous all the way through. Most damage, including severe impact, heat or…

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kitchen - countertop in corian solid surface - deep smoky pearl

Solid Surface for Kitchen Countertops

The use of solid surface as a material for kitchen set has become the favorite choice at this time, especially for countertop (worktop). Although the price is still quite expensive compared to other materials (such as marble and granite). But, it does not confine the intention of some people to have it. Because behind the expensive price, the solid surface…

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