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How to Eliminate Bed Bugs in the Bedroom

Before you worry about vampires sneaking into your bedroom, worry about the bed bugs which are an actual problem that you should not ignore. Bed bugs are the small insects the multiply rapidly and infest every corner of your house. They belong to the Cimicidae family and are active only during the night hours. Bed bugs feed on human blood,…

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Guideline for Bedroom Size

Your first priority in getting a new place to settle in is your bedroom, and naturally your bed itself. How space and size should your bedroom be? You have to be absolutely sure when you figure out the answer to this question because you’re going to sleep in your bedroom every day for a very long time. Make sure to…

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Converting Buildings and Apartments for Disabled People

When doing new building projects, we do not often consider the needs of disabled people, so it is frequently necessary to convert existing residential units into appropriate apartments. A suitable building must have a generous floor area and offer simple opportunities for alteration in accordance with the occupant’s needs.     The conversion measures required can include: Alterations to the…

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