Setting Out Building Site Plan

setting out site planThe building site must be surveyed and the plan of the proposed house entered on the official site plan →①−②.  When the requirements of the planning and building regulations have been met and planning permission granted, the foundations are pegged out as shown by wooden pegs and horizontal site boards →④−⑧. The excavation must exceed the cross-sectional area of the house to provide adequate working space ≥500 mm →④−⑤. The slope of the sides of the excavation depends on the ground type; the sandier the soil, the flatter the slope →④.wooden pegs and horizontal site boards

string lines are tightly stretched between the site boards

measuring levels for the building

After excavation, string lines are tightly stretched between the site boards →⑧ to mark out the external dimensions of the building. The outside corners of the house are given at the crossing points of the lines by plumb bobs. The correct level must be measured →⑦. Dimensions are oriented by fixed points in the surroundings. Setting board →⑩, of wood or aluminum, 3 m long, with a level built-in or fixed on the top, are installed horizontally with the ends supported on posts. Intermediate contour heights are measured with a scaled rod.

A water-filled, transparent, flexible hose 20-30 m long, with glass tube sections at each end marked out in mm, when held vertically, is used to read water levels. After calibrating by holding glass tube together, levels between points on the site can be compared accurately to the mm, without the need for visual contact (e.g. in different rooms).

This “Setting Out Building Site Plan” is taken from the book Architects’ Data written by Ernst and Peter Neufert, whereas this book has become the guideline for architecture college students in the world.

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