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Materials for Kitchen Countertop

Countertop or counter is the most commonly used part of the kitchen, most British people call it by the term worktop (also work surface). Countertop is a kitchen cabinet surface commonly used to prepare food. Typically, kitchen sinks and stoves are also paired on this countertop (unless you are using a freestanding stove). Now, what kind of materials to be used for kitchen countertop? Certainly, the materials should be of good quality – strong, and durable.

How to choose a good material for kitchen countertop?
There are many materials that can be selected for countertop materials, such as granite, marble, solid surface, and quartz surface. All of these materials can be said to meet the expected criteria for countertop. But each of the materials listed here certainly has advantages or there are still shortcomings, all of which affects the price to be earned to get it.

Before you determine what material you will use for your kitchen countertop, you should know the characteristics of the material as described below.

1. Granite
Granite is a material of natural stone. If you choose granite for your material for kitchen countertop, you will have to buy them in the form of slab. Granite has high level of strength compared with other materials such as marble and solid surface. The material is also heat resistant and easy to clean.

But granite has a deficiency of “porous”, because having these pores makes the granite vulnerable to water and wet dirt, if not often cleaned into a place to grow mold or bacteria.


2. Marble

Marble is almost the same as granite and also comes from natural stone. Compared to granite, marble is somewhat lower in strength and the material has larger pores than granite. But if you choose marble as your material for kitchen for countertop, you’ll certainly be able to buy it a lot cheaper than granite.

Although for those of you who are very concerned about health, we do not recommend marble to be used as countertop in your kitchen.

Marble slab

Marble slab


3. Solid Surface

Solid Surface, is a mixture of natural minerals and polymer acrilyc that is processed so that it becomes hard. Usually this material is chosen for kitchen countertop because it is very hygienic.This is because the solid surface is not porous and can be formed in accordance with the shape of the kitchen table (L shape or U shape) without any connection so there is no possibility of growing mold or bacteria and very easy to clean.

Countertop with solid surface - Corian - Deep smoky pearl

Countertop with solid surface – Corian – Deep smoky pearl


4. Quartz Surface

Quartz surface is a more powerful material than solid surface. If you choose this material for kitchen countertop, it will become very shiny after going through the finishing process because of the harshness of this material. In addition to the kitchen countertop being sparkly, quartz surface also has a resistance to higher heat and resistant to scratches so no doubt the luxury of a kitchen with a countertop of this material.


Determining the choice of materials for kitchen countertop is very important. If you want to have a kitchen that is luxurious, exclusive and hygienic, using a solid surface is the right choice because the price of the material is quite affordable. But for those of you who have sufficient financial ability, choosing quartz surface as a material for kitchen cabinet countertop is a brilliant choice. The price is more expensive yet it is worth the benefits or advantages that you get.

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