Making an Ergonomic Kitchen Cabinets

Before making an ergonomic kitchen cabinets, it would do you well to understand first what “ergonomic” means. Ergonomics (or human factors) is the scientific discipline concerned with the nature and limitations humans have in designing a working system, in order for the system to function well and optimize human well-being. Ergonomic is the adjective. So, making an ergonomic kitchen cabinets means making a working system that will be able to serve people who use it well.


On the following pictures are the human body postures that usually occur when they are or working at the kitchen.

  1. The human body position of the person in the red clothes is a human body position that is very stressful for the body. In this kitchen it happens when one is trying to pick up something that is placed at deepest part inside a floor cabinet.
  2. The human body position of the person in the orange clothes gives stress to his body but not as bad as the one in red.
  3. The human body position of the person in the yellow clothes gives only a small amount of stress to the body.
  4. The human body position of the person in blue is normal and not stressful at all.

If you look at the pictures above you can certainly judge that the kitchen cabinets in the pictures is not ergonomic because it can still make you position yourself in a stressful way.


So how do you deal with this?
This question comes up because the items’ placement with the person in red’s position will be happening in a kitchen cabinets.
To answer the problem it is highly recommended that the storage is built in the form of a ‘roll-out’ drawer system, not as a bunch of shelves. That way one can avoid the position of kneeling and hunching similar to the people in the red and orange clothes.
When you can easily take an item that on principle is at the furthest position in your kitchen set, it means that you have succeeded in making an ergonomic kitchen cabinets.


Other examples concerning ergonomics.
The picture below shows you the difference between the human body position when taking an item in the same position.

The woman in black and white has to kneel and hunch her back to grab her pan because the base cupboard kitchen cabinets is still using the shelves concept. Compared to the woman in blue, whom does not need to hunch to grab her pan because her base cabinet has been transformed to be ergonomic as a drawer that can be pulled forward and back, the latter is much more comfortable.


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