Introduction to Bamboo and Rattan Furniture

Furniture made from high-quality bamboo or rattan is an excellent investment because it never wears out. A little consumer knowledge of these materials can help you make wise purchase decisions. So this short, concise introduction to bamboo and rattan furniture will help.

You can still find beautiful furniture made of bamboo. However, most of the furniture sold today is made of rattan. Bamboo and rattan are often confused.

What is bamboo furniture?
Bamboo is not as strong or flexible as rattan because it comes from tropical grass that has a hollow stem. This bamboo rod is used as material for making furniture, usually for making tables and chairs.
Furniture made of bamboo is generally wrapped because nothing can be damaged.

An example of a bamboo sofa for relaxing space

An example of a bamboo sofa


What is rattan furniture?
Rattan is made from climbing tropical trees that wrap other trees in the forest. The stem has joint growth and thorns. To make furniture, the thorn is cut, leaving the knot on the stem. The outer skin is removed before the stem is made into furniture. Rattan stems are sturdy and strong. Stem thickness varies from ¼ inches to 2 inches. Rattan stems and rattan outer shells are used to make different furniture parts, which include structural frames and woven parts.

Cane, wicker, and peel wrap are generally made from rattan. These parts of furniture can also be made from other materials.

caneIntroduction to cane rattan furniture. Cane made from rattan is taken from the cut side skin, which is flat. The cane is split into strands and woven while wet. Cane is used as chair seats, backs, sides, to wrap joints, and as a decorative trim.

wickerIntroduction to wicker rattan furniture. Wicker is made from the core of the rattan stem, which is shredded into long round strands that are woven and used in furniture.

cane and wicker

cane and wicker


peel wrapIntroduction to peel wrap rattan furniture. Peel wrap is made from the same outer skin of rattan as cane only used to wrap the joints of rattan furniture.

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