Ideas for Small Living Room

Nowadays, it is hard to build a spacious house. Because of the limitation of the area, many house developers decide to minimize the size of the house. Thus, many small houses do not have a living room, let alone the dining room. They will instead combine the living room as the dining room and the guests’ room. However, there is always a solution to every problem. Now, people can have a small living room in their small house and decorate it so that the living room can become the main attraction of your house. Down here are the ideas of the small living room which you can apply.

Ideas for Small Living Room

no partition at kitchen – dining room – living room (taken from davinci haus)


Use the stool
Instead of installing two big sofas, you can use the stool as the seats. By using the stool as the seats, you will be able to save up some rooms for your living room. The reason is that the stool can be moved anywhere you like. Also, if the coffee table is higher than the stool, you can place the stool under the table after you are done using them.


Use multi-functional furniture
We live in an era which everything becomes more practical. This can also be applied to your living room. Instead of installing the side table to store your things, you can install the multi-functional coffee table and stool. By installing these types of furniture, you will be able to save your things inside the table and the stool. You will not need any small side table anymore and your living room will be more spacious.


Use neutral colors
Believe it or not, colors can also affect the spaces of the living room. Too many colors will make your living room feel so tight. Instead of using too bright colors, you can paint your living room walls with off-white or white colors or soft pastel colors. This way, your living room will give a spacious feeling.


Focus on one point
Moving onto the decorating part. Having a small living room does not mean that you are not allowed to display some decorations. Instead of installing many floor decorations, you can use the wall above the sofa. You can place the most attractive things on the open shelve above the sofa to attract your guests.


Be creative
If your living room is located under the stairs, it is best to maximize the use of the space under the stairs. Instead of installing the side tables, you can build open shelves under the stairs to keep your things. That way, you will have a clean and neat look in your living room.

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