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How to Make the Most Comfortable Bedroom

In general, the things which make the most comfortable bedroom are the air circulation, good lighting and room temperature. While the size of the bedroom also affects how comfortable bedrooms are, if all three of the items I mentioned are perfect, you will make the most comfortable bedroom already.

Air circulation is very important to make the most comfortable bedroom because it affects your health directly and makes sure you avoid a horrible scenario where the bedroom is rather airtight.

To make the best air circulation, you must have a window in your bedroom. Conventionally, make the windows be built according to a position that allows air circulation, meaning it has to be put on walls that are face to face ①. However, not all rooms can apply this method. You can solve this problem by making the ventilation in one of the walls or upper the door ②.


If your bedroom has an air conditioner, to make the most comfortable bedroom, it is best to make the ventilation in the ceiling or acquire a better exhaust fan. If you cannot have a ventilation or exhaust fan built, open your bedroom windows widely in the morning and close them if the air in the bedroom feels fresh for you.

Just so you know, why does a hotel bedroom feel very fresh and comfortable like it’s the most comfortable bedroom, or feels so new despite having been used for a long time. It’s because the house keeper always opens the door and windows very widely when they are cleaning the room, a task that is repeated at least twice a day.

The second important thing you must consider in order to make the most comfortable bedroom is the lighting. Good lighting, other than needing direct sunlight to kill the germs in the bedroom, it is also beneficial in saving energy. Good lighting can save energy because it won’t demand us to use the lights and thus add our electricity bills. In this way, you can contribute in the world’s effort to save energy.

Placing the window to face north and south is a good method to make the most comfortable bedroom. It reaches the maximum level of comfort because you can make the windows big without worrying about your bedroom ever getting too much sunlight (considering the sun rises in the east and sinks in the west). For those of you who make your bedroom windows face east and west, I recommend applying window blinds in case you need to control the light intensity.


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