How to Make the Best Storage Room

Any house with a person living in it would need a storage room. We have a lot of things we need aside from a bed, a bathroom and a kitchen – putting anything else aside from those three essential things in some obscure corner is not effective, makes your house look unkept, and would inconvenience you whenever you need something in there urgently. So here’s a guide on how to make the best storage room for your house.

Some of the spaces in your house that you can make into the best storage room is the cellar and the attic, but apart from those two a single room built strictly for storage purposes is ideal (1 m² or more, with a minimum internal width of 75 cm and good ventilation) for the house.

For larger dwellings (house), to make the best storage room at least 2 % of the living area should be planned as storage room. The space is needed for storing cleaning equipment and materials, tools, ironing board, shopping baskets and bags, cases, stepladder etc.Storerooms position in the house

The best kind of door for a storage room should open outwards to give more space and internal lighting must be provided, perhaps by a contact switch on the door. A recess close to kitchen for built-in cupboards is desirable →④.

So this is my guide to make the best storage room, referencing the book Architects’ Data written by Ernst and Peter Neufert, whereas this book has become the guideline for architecture college students in the world.

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