How to Make More Space in the Kitchen

Every single home owners’ problems in the kitchen is always how there seems to be so little space in the kitchen. On average, a house have two to five people living in them, and so grocery is often very large as you would also need to stock food. Even if a house is only occupied by one person, that one man or woman would have family members, friends and acquaintances visiting in. Not only do you need to have space for all those food and kitchen utensils, but also space for you and other people to move and have a smooth workflow in the kitchen. So how to make more space in the kitchen so you’ll have enough room for everything?

The most important thing you’ll need to do to make more space in the kitchen to have it organized. Make sure that distances in the kitchen are as short as possible. You can be a person who likes everything to be neat and organized or a person who likes it messy (or organized chaos, as we term it), you will want everything to be just where it should be, because you can’t afford to be missing things in the middle of cooking in which you will be in a time limit.

Making your kitchen bigger is an expensive solution. The best solution to how to make more space in the kitchen, is to have organized, full extension drawers in base cabinets. This will bring your things in the cabinets into full view for quick and easy access, while the lift systems get the doors up and out of the way for you.

Here are several things you must consider before picking or improving your cabinets to make more space in the kitchen:

  1. The things (tasks) you will definitely do everyday in the kitchen, such as:
    •  Cooking
    •  Emptying the dishwasher
    •  Putting away grocery
  2. The things you want to have in the kitchen, such as:
    •  Short distances to do the things you need in the kitchen
    •  Better access to the things you need
    •  Better storage of cooking utensils in a drawer under the cook-top, or oils and spices in a cabinet beside the stove, so kitchen work will be a lot easier
    •  Instead of doors that may jam, have cabinets with drawers and lift systems


To make more space in the kitchen, full extension drawers will organize your things to make kitchen work seamless.

This is a quick overview of the contents.

    1. Full extension
      By using full extension drawers in base cabinets, you can bring the very back corner all the way out to your fingertips.
    2. Interior organization
      Organize and divide the things in your kitchen drawers in a way that you’ll have easy access for every single thing in there.
    3. Ergonomics
      Specific storage items are used more frequently than others. Store the items that are used daily closer to the countertop and seldom used items in the top or very bottom level of cabinets.
to make more space in the kitchen

to make more space in the kitchen

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