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How to Make a Comfortable Bathroom

Everybody wants a comfortable bathroom to use. To make a comfortable bathroom we need careful planning otherwise we will face some problems like water leakage, slippery floor and poor ventilation.

If you were lucky, you have felt the luxurious comfort of a bathroom in star hotels. This is because their bathroom was made with a design that has been calculated carefully. Their planning is something so simple we can copy it, and in this article, we’ll be talking about how to make a comfortable bathroom that would be as comfortable as a star hotel’s bathroom – and perhaps as luxurious provided we can afford the decorations.
The placement of elements (such as toilet, lavatory, mirror glass, shower, and bathtub) should be in accordance with the condition and size of the space. Avoid placing mirror glass facing each other with ventilation windows. This will make you feel uncomfortable to use because of the back of the light source.

example bathroom from Kohler

example bathroom from Kohler

To avoid some mistakes in designing the bathroom, it’s good to know some facts that are often found in every bathroom. Thus, you know how to make your bathroom perfect, healthy and comfortable to use.

  1. Plumbing system
  2. Anti slip floor
  3. Good ventilation
  4. Provide a storage place
  5. Proper closet position
  6. Proper lighting
  7. Avoid errors in determining material
  8. Provide space motion
  9. Make sure there is space for the door

Plumbing system
Plumbing errors are very common in bathrooms. This often happens when you use the bathroom and see water flowing from the wall. You will be surprised to know that there is a leaky pipe, obviously this will cost to fix it. Your plumber must destroy the ceramic to fix it. To avoid more costs make sure the plumbing position is positioned in such a way that it can be accessed easily when repair is needed.

Anti slip floor
Use non-slip material for bathroom floor. In terms of security, the selection of anti-slip floor tiles is the most important way to create comfort in a bathroom. If using a slick ceramic or other material that is not anti-slip, can cause serious accidents. Currently there is also anti-slip waterproof wooden floor and will certainly add to your bathroom look more attractive, but the price is quite expensive.

Good ventilation
If the bathroom does not have adequate ventilation it can lead to condensation in the room and can eventually invite the fungus. Natural lighting and proper ventilation, are necessary, so the bathroom is not stuffy and not damp.
The exhaust fan can also be installed in the ceiling, it is more effective in bathrooms that do not have a ventilation window making it comfortable to use.

Provide a storage place
You may think that there is no need to have storage space in the bathroom but when you think about things like towels, shampoo, soap, cleaning products and others. You may want to have extra space for it. A wall cabinet in the bathroom can add to your bathroom look more attractive and also help you to hide the equipment in it.

Proper closet position
It would look awkward if the closet was right next to the door. You will feel more comfortable when placing the toilet closest to the door and close to the lavatory. And it would be very annoying if the closet too far from the lavatory

Proper lighting
Natural or artificial light are both important in making a comfortable bathroom. To make your bathroom more attractive, proper lighting is necessary. Natural light helps you to make your bathroom free of musty.

Avoid errors in determining material
To make a bathroom the use of waterproof material is the right choice. Ceramics, porcelain and granite tiles are perfect for use in bathrooms. Natural or wooden stones can also be used. Teak wood is a great choice for bathroom because it is waterproof. For tile or ceramic adhesive materials should also use a waterproof material (water proof). If the ceramic adhesive is not waterproof, it can weaken the adhesive and cause the tiles or ceramics to detach. Do not use low quality pipes. This can cause a leak so you will incur a lot of money to fix it.

Provide space motion
Many bathrooms are small, but sometimes there are too large to feel less functional. The bathroom needs some space especially around and in front of the closet, lavatory and bathtub. The availability of space for space in these places will make your bathroom comfortable for use.

Make sure there is space for the door
When designing a bathroom you should make sure that there is enough space to open the door. Many encountered errors in the installation of doors in the bathroom. In a small bathroom, try to use a sliding door or door that opens outward.


The most important thing how to make a comfortable bathroom is to adjust the bathroom design with your habits. Do not install bathtub if you do not like bathing bath. In addition to expensive, you will also feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable in it.

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