How to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Color Scheme

Everyone is familiar with the ice-breaking question: what is your favorite color? However, despite it being your own personal room, you cannot just choose the color black or pink or white for your bedroom color scheme. Black would most likely give depressing vibes and make it uncomfortable for you to read; the color pink might be too funky and would tire out your eyes quickly – especially for adults; and making your bedroom be dominated by an all-white scheme – you may as well stay inside a pristine hospital room.

But with so many colors available, choosing the perfect bedroom color scheme can be extremely difficult!

There is no need to lose hairs when picking out a color. Color schemes doesn’t mean you have to have the same shade of that chosen color over everything like your bed linens, carpets or rugs, window frames and accessories along with your wall paint or wallpaper. Color scheme is the overall color look you want for your personal retreat to represent your personal tastes.

So start with the colors you love, and diversify the shades and sizes and natural lightings of your bedroom.

For a room designated to be lively, the color yellow will be perfect. But this is where you will be sleeping, so you should not keep your brain stimulated with bright colors. Consider using soothing color scheme. For bright color lovers, you can use those as your bedroom accents or highlights in the form of your lamps or wall decorations.

You don’t even have to paint the same shade of color – or even the same type of color – for all of your bedroom walls. You can use one color on just one wall, and let other matching colors decorate other walls. You can even divide each color from bottom to top instead of one wall to another.

However, keep in mind that too many wall colors can be distracting. I, along with many designers, advise you to try less than six large areas of color. Bedroom color represents your personality! You’ll know you chose perfect bedroom color scheme when your bedroom feels like home.

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