How Daikin Air Conditioner’s Heating and Cooling System Work

Daikin is Australia’s number 1 air conditioning company. Daikin’s split system air conditioners and air purifiers are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program, and are the only split systems that carry the blue butterfly symbol.sensitive choice

When deciding your home’s air conditioning system, you may wish to control the temperature in only one room, a few rooms, or throughout your entire house. Daikin air conditioning company offers split system, multi-split and ducted air conditioning systems, and each of them offers both heating and cooling options. So how does Daikin air conditioning’s heating and cooling system work?

Surprisingly, the cold winter air contains heat you can use to pump inside your home. Daikin air conditioner has a reverse-cycle technology that allows you to absorb this heat and easily regulate a cozy atmosphere within your home. It’s more energy efficient than conventional heaters, which will need heat to generate heat, rather than harnessing the already available heat energy from the outside air to create warmth.
Even if your place gets to minus 10ºC, Daikin air conditioner offers their automatic defrost cycle to guarantee you’ll still stay warm. This heating system effortlessly continues to heat your home to a pre-set temperature.

If your home area is in the tropics, even if the place gets up to 46ºC, Daikin air conditioner’s reverse cycle technology, which can absorb outside air’s heat energy, can also absorb heat from the inside air and disperse it outside, leaving your home perfectly chilled.
Although, remember that every 1º colder can cost up to 10% extra in energy. So don’t just set the temperature at an icy level and forget about it – outside temperatures can vary throughout the day and so should your air conditioner.

If you’re interested, here’s a short guide on how you should install Daikin air conditioner.

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