Houses with Conservatories

Conservatories are not simple glass buildings, but complex systems that must be designed with technical precision. Depending on the different uses of the conservatory, the glass system, the ventilation and shading must be harmonized in order to make it work satisfactorily.

lay out house with conservatory by Hellwig

section - house with conservatory by Hellwig

A conservatory provides a buffer zone between the outside climate and the interior of the house. Glass structures work as solar energy collectors and in favourable climatic circumstances the potential energy saving for the whole house can be about 25%. A westward orientation of the conservatory can substantially raise the environmental quality of the habitat.

ground floor house with conservatory by Schutze

section - house with conservatory by Schutze

It is recommended that glass doors are incorporated in the transition area between the house and the conservatory in order to separate both spaces from a heating point of vies and for reasons of comfort within the house and energy efficiency.


This “Houses with Conservatories” is taken from the book Architects’ Data written by Ernst Neufert, whereas this book has become the guideline for architecture college students in the world.

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