standard bedroom layout

Guideline for Bedroom Size

Your first priority in getting a new place to settle in is your bedroom, and naturally your bed itself. How space and size should your bedroom be? You have to be absolutely sure when you figure out the answer to this question because you’re going to sleep in your bedroom every day for a very long time. Make sure to leave some space for a wardrobe and desk or dressing table at the very least. To ensure comfort while sleeping, the length of your bed should be 250 mm longer than your height.

Beds are produced in a range of standard sizes that have been based on average heights that are recommended for your comfort: 900 x 1900 mm, 100 x 1900 mm, 1600 x 2000 mm and 2000 x 2000 mm. In some countries, there are several beds produced with bigger value in length (usually <2200 mm). Even for a certain length, like Texas or Athletic King, the length reaches 2490 mm. This is done so to make taller people still able to sleep comfortably.

allow 750 mm around beds

The best bedroom layout should give at least 600 mm, preferably 750 mm →①, around the bed. This is important to allow the bed to be made easily and also, if there is a cupboard standing parallel to the bed, to give enough space for movement even if the cupboard doors are open.

If you want to make comfort exist in the bedroom there should always be a bedside cabinet to the left and right of double beds and a headboard, onto which one can fix clip lights for reading, is also useful ⟶②. Bedside lamps should be provided in addition to general lighting.
The lamp on beside table

About 1 meter of cupboard length should be planned per person. If there is not enough room in the bedroom, then your space can be found in the corridor⟶③.bedroom with adjacent cupboard corridor

The best bedroom has at least one mirror, in which one can see oneself, preferably from head to toe. To ensure more space I recommend getting a mirrored cupboard fronts.

The example below shows two bedrooms for kids whom need the wide bedroom space to play around in, in which the wardrobe was placed at the dividing wall between both bedrooms.small bedroom for a child

Up next are several examples of standardized bedroom space and size:standard bedroom layout

Figure number ⟶⑤ is the layout of the main bedroom. However, if you add an extra 75 cm as shown in figure number ⟶⑥ you will acquire a comfortable space for your dressing table and side cupboard.

Here are some examples for the space and size comfortable of a bedroom with a dressing room:bedroom layout with dressing room

You will be spending a majority of your time to relax in your bedroom, so your comfort must be your top priority!

This guideline for bedroom size is taken from the book Architects’ Data written by Ernst and Peter Neufert, whereas this book has become the guideline for architecture college students in the world.

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