floor drain - round type

Floor Drain

A floor drain is a plumbing fixture that is installed in the floor of a structure, for the most part intended to expel any standing water close it. They are generally round, however can likewise be square or rectangular. They as a rule extend from 2 to 12 inches (5.1 to 30.5 cm); most are 4 inches (10 cm) in distance across. They have gratings that are made of metal or plastic.

The floor around the deplete is likewise slanted to enable the water to stream to the deplete. Numerous private storm cellars have at least one story channels, more often than not almost a water warmer or washer/dryer. Floor channels can likewise be found in business storm cellars, restrooms, kitchens, fridge territories, locker/shower rooms, clothing offices, and close swimming pools, among different spots.

floor drain - round type

A floor drain should always have a strainer secured over it to prevent injury, entry of foreign objects, or introduction of unwanted pests into the facility. Nonetheless, if the strainer isn’t sufficiently smooth, hair and other objects can still get stuck in it, clogging the drain.


A floor sink is a type of floor drain primarily used as an indirect waste receptor. It is generally deeper than a standard floor drain and can have a full or partial grate, or no grate as required to accommodate the indirect waste pipes. It usually has a dome strainer in the bottom to prevent splash-back. The body material can be epoxy coated or enameled cast iron, stainless steel, or PVC. Floor sinks are found in commercial kitchens and some hospital applications.

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