Fireplace Must Be Made From?

fireplaces open - 1Every open fire must be connected to its own separate flue and should be immediately adjacent to the next ⟶①②③④.

Flue cross-sections must be matched to the size of the open fire ⟶⑧. The effective height of the flue from the smoke hood to the chimney mouth should be ≥ 4.5 m.dimensions and sizes of open fires

The angle of a connecting flue to the main flue should be 45° ⟶⑨⑩. Open fires must not be sited in rooms with less than 12 m² floor area.

Only wood with a low resin content, and beech, oak, birch or fruit tree timber with few knots, should be used for burning. In the case of the use of gas appliances, reference should be made to the relevant regulations.

Air for combustion must come from outside and needs to be able to enter even if the doors and windows are airtight. Air admission openings can usefully be sited in the base of the fire, or at the front, and ducts that introduce air to a position close to the fireplace opening should be provided ⟶⑦.fireplaces open - 2

The fireplace opening must be separated from combustible materials and built-in furniture by at least 800 mm to the front, above and to the sides ⟶⑥⑦. Open fires must be constructed from non-combustible materials that satisfy local regulations and must be of stable construction.

The floor, walls and grate and the smoke hood should be made from fire clay brick/slabs, fire resistant concrete or cast iron (although the grate and hood are often metal).

Any bricks or stones used must be of suitable type for chimney construction. Smoke hoods can be made from 2 mm steel brass, or copper sheet.

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