typical design - town houses

Examples House of Typical Designs

This below are examples house of typical designs based on architectural:

  1. Semi-detached housing
  2. Linked housing
  3. Houses with courtyard gardens
  4. Terraced houses
  5. Town houses

Semi-detached housingtypical design semi-detached housingFrequently employed by developers and based on the use of identical designs. Also used on single-plot projects but rarely are the two halves individually designed. Garages or car ports are often included on the side boundaries.


Linked housing
typical design linked housingUsually used only by developers undertaking large scale residential projects. The groups of houses are built with uniform plans and designs and can be lay out in compact or spacious configurations. Garages or parking spaces can be incorporated in the individual plots or a separate parking area provided.


Houses with courtyard gardens
typical design houses with courtyard gardensCan be planned as individual buildings or as groups with coordinated design. Groups are usually considered on large developments. Include individual garages or a communal parking area


Terraced houses
typical design terraced housesA shared building form that gives rows of identical (or slightly varied) houses. Parking is usually on-street or in communal car parks.


Town houses
typical design - town housesAnother shared building form resulting in rows of houses that are identical or contain a matching variety of designs. Parking space may be on the plot, on-street, or in communal car parks.


As with all these examples, design coordination and regulatory agreements are necessary.


Taken from: Architects’ Data by Ernst and Peter Neufert

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