Examples Design of Courtyard House

Here is an example of design of courtyard house by A. Hennig.courtyard house by A. Hennig

By using courtyards it is possible to provide additional living space that is both sheltered and private. In contrast to detached housing, courtyard developments allow a high quality of life to be offered to occupants using only a comparatively small amount of land area.

Enclosed courtyard can be as small as living room but might need to be artificialy lif if the surrounding walls are all higher than one storey. If, however, a garden courtyard is required much larger areas are desirable to tkae full advantage of the sunlight and allow a full range of plants to be considered.

Here are some examples design  of courtyard house by architects.

courtyard house by Kuhn, Boskamp and Partner


courtyard house by Latty and Tucker


courtyard house by Ungers


Taken from: Architects’ Data by Ernst and Peter Neufert

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