Example of Home Design on a Narrow Area

This is an example of a house built on a fairly long land but an area that can be built rather narrow. This house was designed by DAVINCI HAUS, which later became its show unit located in Bad Vilbel.


Houses on this rather narrow land are built by combining of traditional post + beam timber construction with modern architecture is just as much possible as constructing low energy buildings made of glass. Adopting the principles of post + beam architecture, allowing the flexibility of design without the restriction of load bearing walls, this house truly demonstrates living in its freest form whether internally or externally.


The task was set, design a representative DAVINCI HAUS on a rather long but narrow building plot. The result is a slender long four-axis design with an integrated jump in the gable end and side extension for the living room together with an attached garage and storage area.

DAVINCI HAUS 1 - ground floor

DAVINCI HAUS 1 – ground floor


DAVINCI HAUS 1 - upper floor

DAVINCI HAUS 1 – upper floor

The rooms on the ground floor run over into each other: Open kitchen, Living and Dining room with its glazed double height space offers not only the chance for retreat but also gives the flexibility required with a hospitable family. The Living room, a transparent “Light palace” extends this combination of rooms and is quickly the favourite space. A comfortable Sofa made of the finest leather, high quality smooth surfaced grey floor tiling and various pieces of art define the living space. The adjacent utility room proves to be very practical, with its entrance directly from the kitchen it ticks all the boxes needed for a heating, utility and pantry. The room was designed in such a way that both the washer and the freezer can be fitted. Rounding the whole lovingly planned floor plan are the individually planned pieces of fitted furniture produced in own factory. White furniture matching in the best way together with the white laminated timber beams and the light plastered walls. Incredibly ingenious is the hidden entrance to the utility room which is integrated into the kitchen units.

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