Dividing the Kitchen Zone

A nice kitchen came to existence first by planning or dividing the kitchen cabinets according to the owner’s personal preferences. The kitchen zone owned by a left-handed person is different from the kitchen zone owned by a right-handed person. Thus, from there a kitchen cabinets is a place or a storing cabinet built according to the work zone too.

How do we divide the kitchen’s area zone?
In this picture it is shown an example of a kitchen cabinets that has been properly arranged according to the work flow.

The kitchen's area zone

    1. Consumables Zone.
      The consumables zone is a place where you store your consumptions that will be spent in a single use. Generally they are every day food such as; bread, milk, canned drinks, cereal, fruits, vegetables, etc. To be more accurate, this area is the position for the freezing equipment (refrigerator).
    2. Non-consumables Zone.
      Non-consumables zone is the area where you keep things that can be used more than once such as; cutting utensils, cooking equipment, dishes, etc.The applications for this zone of the kitchen set are large floor cupboards, wall cupboards,  and plugs for various cooking technologies.
    3. Cleaning Zone.
      Cleaning zone is the storing are underneath or beside your dishwasher (kitchen sink) that is used to store cleaning supplies such as; brushes, soap, dish soap, garbage can, etc.
    4. Preparation.
      All the items needed for preparing food are kept in this zone. Drawers ensure that they are within easy reach.
    5. Cooking.
      There should be enough space for pots, pans, lids and cooking utensils close to the cook-top.


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