Design Examples of Timber House Construction

The oldest form of timber housing consisted of prepared logs or blocks placed one upon the other and structurally connected by rebated corner joints. Today, the most common form is timber framed housing (also balloon framed or half timbered construction). Vertical loads are transmitted to the ground through structural posts giving an economic form of construction that fulfills all the requirements in relation to building physics, quality, structure and comfort. The most important precaution is to protect the facade cladding to prevent water from penetrating the timber. Plan the cladding so that the rain flows off quickly and, where splashing occurs, design for the replacement of parts. Also plan for sufficient roof overhang.

design example of timber house - Kemi Haus

design example of timber house – Kemi Haus

The timber house is the epitome of natural, traditional and healthy living. This form of construction conforms to many clients’ ecological, biological and, not least, economical, requirements. It uses selected solid   timbers, natural insulation materials (e.g. cotton, wool or cork), natural materials for the roofing (e.g. clay tiles), and plant-based paints for decoration, all leading to a high standard of eco-­friendliness.

design example of timber house - Gruber Holzhaus

design example of timber house – Gruber Holzhaus

Usually, only the slow growing timbers from northern countries are used for this type of construction. Unlimited life and low maintenance are the rule: for example, red cedar, as it is commonly known, contains a tannin which acts as a natural wood preservative, making impregnation unnecessary. Deeply overhanging roofs are used to shelter the facades. Manufacturers offer several types of external wall construction. Double-block construction consists usually of two identical leafs containing an insulation layer between. Single-leaf log walls produce the typical traditional atmosphere of the log cabin. The purchaser has the choice of round logs or squared blocks.

design example of timber house - Honka Haus

design example of timber house – Honka Haus

Many timber houses can be freely planned to meet the client’s requirements. The client also has a choice of which type of timber to use (spruce, larch, cedar). Many suppliers offer self-­build options together with assistance from the firm’s construction specialists.

design example of timber house - Iller Haus

design example of timber house – Iller Haus


This “Design Examples of Timber House Construction” is taken from the book Architects’ Data written by Ernst Neufert, whereas this book has become the guideline for architecture college students in the world.

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