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Design Examples of Detached House

A stand-alone dwelling is also called a single-detached house, detached residence or separate house. Detached house is a free-standing residential building. Sometimes referred to as a single family home as opposed to a multi-family residential dwelling.

Here are several design examples of detached house by professional architects.

detached house by L. NeffL. Neff is the one who made this design example of detached house. This detached house has a study room at its left hall, which also functioned as an office. The bedrooms for children and parents are placed on the floor above, each given with a bathroom. Both of those bedrooms can access the balcony together. With the terrace and wide windows on the kitchen and living room the residences can clearly see and enjoy the detached house’s beautiful backyard.

detached houses by R. GrayThis detached house was designed by R. Gray for a family with two kids. You can see there are two bedrooms for children and one rather large main bedroom on the upper floor. Although there is only one bathroom upstairs, the ground floor’s bathroom’s placement which was not far from the stairs will ease the people upstairs.

detached house by BronsAs the architect who made the design example of this detached house, Brons highly prioritized the residences’ comfort. He added a roof garden and with the kitchen, dining room along with a living room upstairs – not just the ground floor – proved that the people living in this detached house is living a nice, comfy life.

detached house by Tissi and PotzThe main bedroom in this detached house designed by Tissi and Potz is on the ground floor. While the two bedrooms for children are upstairs and complimented with one bathroom that can be used together.

detached house by HeckrottUnlike the design examples created by Tissi and Potz, this design example of detached house by Heckrott placed the main bedroom upstairs, while both of the children bedrooms are on the ground floor. The architect Heckrott made effective use of the space in the attic as the office.


This “Design Examples of Detached House” is taken from the book Architects’ Data written by Ernst Neufert, whereas this book has become the guideline for architecture college students in the world.

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