Creating an Open Kitchen Design for Small Space

If you have a small space for your kitchen, then going for an open kitchen design is the best one. You can merge the kitchen with a dining room to make up with the lack of space. An open kitchen is suitable for a small space because you can have a bigger room by merging it with another room.

Open Kitchen Design

Open Kitchen Design – Taken from Davinci Haus

Free the kitchen flow

Circulation route in an open kitchen is important so you can access the furniture such as kitchen sink, stove, and dishwasher with ease. But too much circulation around the kitchen will leave the dining room deserted with limited activities. With an open kitchen connected straight into a dining room, you can direct the traffic of the circulation away by placing some additional kitchen furniture outside the kitchen. This will create efficiency and save space if you want an additional decoration or furniture to be installed on the open kitchen.


Avoid walls to separate and transition the two rooms

Wing walls can be used to define each room so they still feel like an individual room but connected to each other. You can also use columns, utilizing enlarged openings with entablatures and pilasters, dropped ceilings, and many more. Be creative but make sure that the different spaces don’t block each other out. This can be done by changing the ceiling material or use dropped ceiling while the ceiling plan and floor mirror each other. The separation should also act as a transition zone between the two rooms.


Natural light to make the kitchen feels bigger

Natural light can add more warmth to your open kitchen. This can be done by adding windows and doors on the exterior walls. This will produce more lights that will affect the interior of the open kitchen. You can use any door but the French door is preferred. This door can be your access to the backyard and if placed correctly, your kitchen will look bigger and wider. The natural light will create a wider and bigger impression, adding warmth to the room.


Simplicity is key of an open kitchen

The purpose of an open kitchen is to simplify your home design. So, you have to spread the kitchen function into the conjunction room such as washing dishes or cutting raw ingredients. Relocate or eliminate doorways that disrupt the circulation of your kitchen flow is a way to simplify space. If the design requires you to have multiple access to the kitchen, you can try to place them in one area. An open kitchen design should be as simple and useful as it can.

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